Welcome to Macro Group UK


The Pure and Applied Macromolecular Chemistry Group (Macro Group UK) is a joint interest group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Chemical Industry.

Message from Macro Group Chair – Theoni Georgiou.

Dr Theoni Georgiou Group (Oct 2018) pic

Welcome to the web site of Macro Group UK, affiliated to both the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society for Chemistry and Industry.
The Group exists to encourage and enhance polymer chemistry in the UK by promoting meetings and fostering interactions.

This web site contains a range of information and links which we hope you will find useful and informative.

Polymer chemistry is diverse in science and in its application with uses ranging from adhesives and coatings, biomedical materials and devices through to electronics and structural materials. Macro Group UK is equally diverse, reflecting the broad base of our community.


The Macro Group is closely affiliated with the Polymer Physics Group, which is a joint interest group of the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry. The two groups together encompass the UK’s leading polymer scientists in industry and academia.

If you are not a member of Macro Group UK I urge you to join via one of our parent societies and to get involved in our activities.  If you are a member thank you for your continued support and we welcome further active involvement.

One area of focus for Macro Group is to encourage participation by Early Career Researchers in Industry and in the academy. We support  this through annual Young Researcher Meetings. In particular, I encourage you to apply to present a Poster or an oral paper and perhaps you might be the winner of one of our annual Macro Group YRM awards. These meetings are engaging and exciting and a great opportunity to mix with our diverse community.


The Macro Group is also committed to the development of new scientists working in industry and academia. This is currently achieved through the Recent Appointees in Polymer Science (RAPS) network which we fully support.

If you wish to contact us directly you can find our information here.

Theoni Georgiou, Imperial College – October 2019