RAPS 2017

By Aram Saeed – University of East Anglia

The 18th Recent Appointee in Polymer Science (RAPS) was organised by Dr Aram Saeed at the School of Pharmacy, University of East Anglia from 6 to 8 September 2017, supported by UEA conference team. The scientific programme spread over three days and the conference was attended by a diverse group of a recent appointees including academics, industrialists and postdocs working in polymer chemistry area.

Dr Saeed, the conference chair, said: “This year’s meeting has been a real excitement for me to bring the thriving community of RAPS here to the School of Pharmacy and University of East Anglia”.

RAPS community is a hot spot for emerging academics in polymer science to become the future leader in the field. This year we had a diverse range of speakers, including invited plenary speakers from UEA, British Petroleum, Knowledge Transfer Network, Neotherix limited, Dupont Teijin Films and Prof Wayne Hayes from the University of Reading, to give a broad-spectrum view of the current field and future challenges. Dr Saeed continues, “The quality of the presentations and posters have been of very high standards”. Dr Saeed would like to thank all the attendees, and  sponsors, in particular Agilent Technologies, Radleys, Polymer Physics Group, and MACRO Group UK. Both Agilent Technologies and Radleys had exhibition throughout the programme, with Dr Raj Bhardwaj providing support and recommendation on challenges facing complex polymer characterisation. The best poster prize was presented by Dr Bhardwaj to Dr Lewis Hart from the University of Reading.

RAPS 2017

Dr Saeed said the social dinners organised at Vista, and The Refectory at Norwich Cathedral has been well-received and enjoyed by all parties, and thanks to the UEA conference team for this organisation.

Recent Appointees in Polymer Science (RAPS) is a network for young academic and industrial scientists working in any area of polymer science. RAPS membership is free and extended to all those in the early stage of their career, typically those within six years of starting their first permanent academic or industrial post, as well as research fellows and postdoctoral researchers who are keen to progress on a scientific track.

Dr Aram Saeed is a lecturer in Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering at the School of Pharmacy, University of East Anglia. .