DH Richards Travel Bursary Report 2018

By Sam Parkinson (University of Leeds) who attended the IUPAC World Polymer Congress (Macro 2018)

The IUPAC World polymer congress – Macro 2018 was held from 1st July-5th July at the Cairns Convention Centre. Over the 5 days there was a wide range of presentations, with up to 10 parallel sessions, covering all aspects of polymer science and engineering. The quality of both presentations and research presented was outstanding. Seeing presentations from such a broad spectrum of researchers, such as PhD students, post-docs, academic professors and industrial representatives was very enjoyable and informative. Particularly presentations by Prof. Brent Summerlin (University of Florida) and Prof. Cyrille Boyer (UNSW) on their respective research into polymer synthesis were highlights for me. This was my first time giving an oral presentation at a conference and my oral presentation “Evaluating continuous-flow platforms for rapid kinetic profiling of ultrafast RAFT polymerization” went well and I received plenty of positive feedback. Seeing that I could present my work at such a high-profile conference, full of experts in my field and be able to generate positive feedback greatly boosted my confidence as a researcher. It was also exciting to hear other groups research in polymer flow chemistry, one of my areas of interest. I would like to acknowledge my supervisor Dr. Nicholas Warren and Macro Group UK for providing my the opportunity to attend this conference.