2014 Macro Group UK Young Researchers Medal

The Macro Group UK Young Researchers Medal is awarded annually to a UK-based scientist, normally under the age of 36 on December 31st of the preceding year, whose contributions to polymer science show outstanding promise for the future.

PaulTophamThis year award has been made to Dr. Paul D. Topham (Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Aston University).
Dr. Topham obtained his PhD in 2006 from the University of Sheffield. Following this he undertook a post-doctoral research position, working for Uni-lever. He was appointment as a Lecturer at the University of Aston in 2008 and was recently promoted to a Reader position (2013). His research focuses on the synthesis, development and application of well-defined polymer systems to address issues of both fundamental and industrial importance. His current re-search interests include organic solar cells, rubber technology, electrospinning, microphase separation, click chemistry, tissue engineering, cell therapy, drug delivery, polymer fibres and water purification. Paul’s work has led to numerous papers and some collaborations with companies such as Robinson Brothers Ltd and Belectric OPV GmbH and with a Chinese University. Paul is an Associate Editor of Wiley journal, Polymer International and has been Treasurer/Co-organiser of Recent Appointees in Polymer Science (RAPS).