2014 Jon Weaver PhD Prize

The Jon Weaver PhD Prize sponsored by Synthomer rewards the best PhD students in the field of Polymer Science in the UK. The prize is awarded to a PhD student who has displayed an outstanding ability across a range of criteria throughout their PhD.

athina-anastasakiThe 2014 Macro Group PhD Prize has been awarded to Dr Athina Anastasaki from the University of Warwick. Her thesis was entitled “Shining a Light on Copper Mediated Living Radical Polymerisation: Maximising End Group Fidelity”. Athina worked under the supervision of Prof. D. Haddleton and used copper mediated polymerisation techniques to obtain sequence-controlled multiblock copolymers. During her PhD, she also spent two months at the University of Pennsylvania (USA), working in the group of Prof. V. Percec. Her work has been published in leading chemical and polymer journals including JACS, Angewandte Chemie, Chemical Science, and Macromolecules. Athina presented her research at various international conferences and collaborated with several researchers around the globe, including Prof. Barner-Kowollik (Germany), Prof. Davis, Prof. Zetterlund (Australia), and Prof. Nunes (Saudi Arabia). She is currently working as a Monash-Warwick Alliance Research Fellow. Her research interests include controlled living radical polymerisation methods, mechanistic studies, photochemistry, sequence-controlled polymers, glycochemistry and polymer-protein conjugates. In January 2016, she will start a prestigious Elings Fellowship (USCB University) to join Prof. C. Hawker’s group in Santa Barbara. Athina will receive her award in September at the YRM in Warwick.