2013 Macro Group UK Medal

The Macro Group UK Medal is awarded annually to a UK-based scientist who has made a significant and substantial contribution to the development of polymer science through his/her scientific achievements and/or services to the UK polymer science community.

Ullrich SteinerThis year the award has been made to Professor Ullrich  Steiner (University of Cambridge).

Prof Steiner has over the past 15 years focussed extensively on the assembly of structures in soft matter, using principles derived from polymer science to develop and understand a wide range of materials systems. He uses molecular self assembly of soft matter to provide templates that can dictate the assembly of materials that are usually not amenable to self assembly processes (e.g. metals, metal oxides, conjugated polymers). He has pioneered a range of strategies that replicate organic moulds or structure directed inorganic synthesis into design structures with control on the 10 nm length scale. In particular, over the last 5 years, he has shown that controlled nanostructured materials have excellent potential in im- proving the efficiency of energy materials ranging from solar cells to batteries. Moreover he has delivered unique new insights into the mechanism by which Nature utilises polymer self assembly and controls colour.
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